Investors Club

For those with limited savings who want to play their part and make money from property and real estate.

An ideal option for smaller investors (£15,000 - £55,000) who want to get into the property business but don't necessarily have the skills & experience to go it alone, or the funds to finance a project by themself.

We identify redevelopment projects and after careful assessment come up with a price that will cover the purchase price, all related fees & admin costs and the full cost of the redevelopment. Individuals are then invited to take a share in the venture (normally limited to 5 -9 investors per project).

Once the property is sold all the return goes back to the investors according to their share. Similarly with any rent received.

All contracts are in line with Open Trade Network guidelines.

If you'd like to be considered for membership please use the contact form or call the number below.


Request to Join the Investor Club

c/o DMC Consultancy
17-19 St John Maddermarket
Norwich, NR2 !DN, UK

01603 855150

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